Well, after an epic journey involving nearly 50 players – BTC’s Survivor Series Tournament has finally drawn to a close. The event that started in March 2010, was in fact two events in one – encompassing the Survivor Series Tournament Winner and the Survivor Series Champion.

Members will recall the event as a level (non handicapped) singles event where players win the right to progressively play better and better players as they move through the draw. Ultimately, we will have a tournament winner at the end of the event – plus a player that has moved through the draw the most in relation to their original starting point.

This year’s event saw Daniel Williams defeat Wayne Spring in the Survivor Series Tournament final in straight sets – 6/1 6/2 6/2, making it Daniel’s second straight win.

The Survivor Series Champion for this year’s event was one by Club veteran Phil Roberts who amazingly managed to get through 5 rounds of the event – two of them going through as the best loser from the previous round!! A big congratulations go to Phil who will use the money he wins from the event to go towards the hip replacement he will need as a consequence of playing in it!!

Stay tuned for the next Survivor Series due to start soon.

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