Below is a table of events for BTC’s Summer Series pennant 2010:


Monday 4, 7pm         B Christie/C Goodman         v    J Dugdale/A Dugdale

Tuesday 5, 7pm         W Hoskin/L Stringer             v    R Montgomery/J Johnson

Thursday 7, 7pm      Ewan Barker/I Dowman      v    D Bruce/I Chambers

Monday 11, 7pm        J Dugdale/A Dugdale           v      S Wright/E Hoskin

Tuesday 12, 7pm       R Montgomery/J Johnson v     G Rowe/D Ward

Thursday 14, 7pm     D Bruce/I Chambers             v     J  Sunter/C Faull

Monday 18, 7pm        B Christie/C Goodman         v      S Wright/E Hoskin

Tuesday 19, 7pm       W Hoskin/L Stringer              v      G Rowe/D Ward

Thursday 21, 7pm     Ewan Barker/Ian Dowman   v     J Sunter/C Faull

Monday 21, 7pm       SF 1

Tuesday 22, 7pm      SF 2

Thursday 24, 7pm    GF

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