Item 1.

BTC members will  know too well the substantial outlay involved in the cost of purchasing a Real Tennis racquet. Exchange rates, shipping costs and a relatively small market all contribute to the $300+ we now pay for our racquets. This cost is somewhat more of a burden for families with multiple players, members that may wish to purchase multiple racquets in case of string breakage during matches – or juniors that do not receive weekly incomes and are reliant upon their parents.

Harrows RacquetsIn an effort to offer at least more options in regards to racquet purchase at BTC, the Pro Shop is now carrying stock of Harrows Real Tennis racquet frames. These are manufactured in the USA – by a company that at the present time does not wish to distribute in Australia. The racquets play NEARLY as well as their Grays counter-parts and last NEARLY as long, but are valued for A SHORT TIME at 1/3rd the price. There are three styles to choose from – and until they are sold out (BTC currently has about 50) they can be purchased fully strung and gripped for $100.00. Given that a restring at the moment costs $40.00 and grips $10.00 – that is great value! Essentially you are getting a good quality racquet frame for only $50.00!!!

If you are interested in finding out more about our budget range of Harrows racquet please click on the link below.

Please contact me about the Harrows range of racquets

Item 2.

Below is a list of BTC Proshop prices for the 2009/10 financial year. Brett has tried to keep price rises to a minimum – but in order to facilitate this, asks BTC members making purchases from the Proshop – or taking lessons, to try as much as they can to pay cash upon pick-up. Members doing so will receive a discount for whatever item or service they need. Please check the item price list below.

Item: Up front price: Account Price:

Lesson Fees                                      $20.00                                            $25.00

Restring                                             $40.00                                            $45.00

Grips                                                    $10.00                                            $12.00

BTC Racquets                                   $320.00                                          $330.00

Extra-tech racquets                      $360.00                                          $370.00

Semi-tech racquets                        $360.00                                          $370.00

Harrows budget racquets            $100.00                                          $120.00

Members with queries regarding the BTC Proshop pricing for 2009/10 should contact Brett at the Club.

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