The Premier League sounds so cool, not like the Minor League I’m in. The top five players in the Club head up a team with two of the next ten best players except only one of these two get to play. I’m told it’s like the Davis Cup meets the Duckworth-Lewis System. Despite this I still really need to be in the Premier League so I can be cool. The only problem now is that most of the club is better than me. To this end I have now written to Kim Jong-un offering him the role of Club President … and then it would be sorted it out … what with the gulags and all. I plan to be number two on his team and win the premiership. I await his response.

Premier Pennant 2012

In the absence of Kim Jong-un, the final of the current series was played. The team of Wayne Spring and Rob Jolly (with a non-playing Peter Dunn) took on Mark Hartnell and Bruce Christie (with a non-playing Ewan Barker). In a close contest Wayne and Rob prevail … the coolest of the cool.

Wayne Spring defeated Mark Hartnell 6-5, 3-6, 6-4
Rob Jolly defeated Bruce Christie 6-2, 6-3
Wayne Spring/Rob Jolly lost to Mark Hartnell/Bruce Christie 6-9

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