BTC’s Graded Handicap Singles and Level Doubles Club Championship finals were played at BTC last weekend – with some absolute cracking matches being fought out over the four day period. Well done to all who participated – and a big congratulations go to our new winners. Results were as follows:

Mens Doubles Club Championship

P Williams/DWilliams  def   Faull/D Parker                         6/1  3/6  6/5  6/5

Ladies Doubles Club Championship

W Whitehead/C Faull  def  J Edwards/J Murphy               6/4  2/6  6/3

Mixed Doubles Club Championship

D Parker/W Whitehead  def  J Faull/J Edwards                   6/0  6/2

A Grade Handicap Singles

D Williams   def  D Parker                                                              6/4  6/2

B Grade Handicap Singles

A Fitzpatrick  def  J Zulic                                                             6/4  3/6  6/3

C Grade Handicap Singles

J Johnson def  G Armstrong                                                       2/6  6/3  6/3

D Grade Handicap Singles

R Unmack  def  T McDonough                                                   6/5  5/6  6/3

E Grade Handicap Singles

B Howard def  A Dugdale                                                              3/6  6/5  6/4

Ladies Handicap Singles

J Edwards def  C Faull                                                                    6/5  6/2

Ladies B Handicap Singles

S Williams def  A Dugdale                                                             6/2  4/6  6/1

Masters Handicap Singles

J Johnson  def   M Fenelon                                                          6/4  6/1

Junior Handicap Singles

S Clarke def D Williams                                                                 6/0  1/6  6/4

BTC Most Improved Player (1st half 2009)

Michael Williams

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