As BTC members will be aware, the Club made its first increases to the price of membership and court fees this financial year since 2005. It has always been an objective of BTC to keep Real Tennis as affordable as it can be to its members in Ballarat – and BTC members may be surprised to learn that, on average, the Club loses about 20 members each year – due mainly to re-location.

As operating costs increase, our need to recruit new members becomes fundamentally important if we are to avoid passing these costs onto our membership. BTC has not been on an official membership drive for some time now, but the 2009/10 financial year will see a renewed impetus in this area for BTC management.

A target of 30 new members by July 2010
has been set, and with the help of our entire membership we hope this can be easily achieved. These 30 new members will help to alleviate increasing operating costs – but at the same time broaden our “gene pool” of players, strengthen pennants, add variety to social play and tournaments and add new faces to our social functions.

Without burdening members with Club fundraising, it is hoped that each of you will give some thought over the coming months to a friend, work college or family member you feel may enjoy membership at the Club. If each of you contribute in this small way, we will be well on our way to reaching our target. Brett will be contacting each of you over the next few weeks to discuss this further. In the meantime, if you have somone in mind that you would like to introduce to the game – call Brett or use the link below to get the ball rolling!!

Please contact me about introducing a new member

Remember, that this is something that effects each and every BTC member – and by contributing in this way will prevent further possible increases next financial year. Call Brett for further details on 53335755.

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