The last round of BTC’s Inter-School Pennant prior to finals was played last Friday – with many of the teams competing for crucial positions for finals placement. Three matches were scheduled – and some terrific tennis was played throughout the afternoon. Match results were as follows:

4pm Ballarat Clarendon 1 v Ballarat Grammar 1

A Shaw def T Parker 4/1

J O’Grady def M Williams 5/2

M Williams/T Taylor def T Parker/J O’Grady 4/3

Result: BGS 1 def BCC 1 2/1

5pm Ballarat Clarendon 1 v Ballarat Grammar 2

J O’Grady def A Headon 4/3

D Shaw def B Shepherd 4/3

B Shepherd/T Parker def A Shaw/T Taylor 3/2

Result: BCC 1 def BGS 2 2/1

6pm Ballarat Clarendon 2 v Ballarat Grammar 1

J O’Grady def K Delahunty 5/3

T Parker def C Laockhard 3/2

J O’Grady/T Parker def C Lockhard J Thompson 3/2

Result: BCC2 def BGS 1 3/0

Finals Play-offs:

After eight rounds, the stage is now set for finals play-offs. These are scheduled for:

Friday September 3rd.

6pm 3rd v 4th: Ballarat Clarendon 2 v Ballarat Grammar 2

7pm Grand Final: Ballarat Clarendon 3 v Ballarat Clarendon 1


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