Another round of BTC Inter-School Pennant played last week – and another round of close matches. Round 4 saw all of Ballarat Clarendon teams competing against each other – with results listed below:

Ballarat Clarendon 1 v Ballarat Clarendon 3

B Shepherd lst S McDonald 3/4

N Green lst S Clarke 1/4

B Shepherd/N Green def S McDonald/S Clarke 4/1

Final result: BCC 3 def BCC 1 2/1

Ballarat Clarendon 2 v Ballarat Clarendon 4

J O’Grady lst E Wolstenholme 3/4

T Parker def J Birthisel 4/3

J O’Grady/T Parker def E Wolsenholme/J Birthisel 6/2

Final result: BCC 2 def BCC 4 2/1

Ladder Positions after round 4 are as follows:

1.  Ballarat Clarendon 4

2. Ballarat Clarendon 3

3. Ballarat Grammar 2

4. Ballarat Clarendon 2

5. Ballarat Clarendon 1

6. Ballarat Grammar 1

Next round Friday August 6th.

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