Monday July 26 saw round 3 of the BTC Inter-School Pennant. Match 1 involved Ballarat Clarendon 4 taking on Ballarat Grammar 1. All three matches went Ballarat Clarendon’s way…but not before some great tennis was played.

E Wolstenholme def N Cole 2/1

J Birthisel def A Watson 5/1

E Wolsetnholme/J Birthisel def J Barns/N Cole 3/1

Final Result: Ballarat Clarendon 4 def Ballarat Grammar 1 3/0

Ballarat Clarendon v Ballarat College

Ballarat Clarendon v Ballarat College

Second match of the afternoon alson involved Ballarat Clarendon 4 – but this time taking on Ballarat Grammar 2. This match was  much closer affair with Grammar taking out the singles matches and Ballarat Clarendon the doubles.

T Taylor def E Wolsenholme 4/2

W Cole def J Birthisel 4/2

E Wolstenholme/J Birthisel def T Taylor/W Cole 4/2

Final Result: Ballarat Grammar 2 def ballarat Clarendon 4 2/1

Ballarat Clarendon & Ballarat Grammar face off again

Ballarat Clarendon & Ballarat Grammar face off again

After three rounds, ladder positions stand as follows:

1. Ballarat Clarendon 4

2. Ballarat Grammar 2

3. Ballarat Clarendon 3

4. Ballarat Clarendon 1

5. Ballarat Grammar 1

6. Ballarat Clarendon 2

Next round Friday July 30.

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