The second round of Inter-School Pennant was played on Friday – with another two matches being played over the course of the afternoon. Once again, close matches were the order of the day. Ballarat Clarendon 1 took on Ballarat Clarendon 2 in the first of these matches. Results were as follows:

B Shephed def T Parker 3/2

N Green def J O’Grady 5/3

T Parker/J O’Grady def B Shephed/N Green 4/1

Result: BCC 1 def BCC 2 2/1

Ballarat Clarendon Boys

Ballarat Clarendon Boys

The second match of the afternoon involved a Ballarat Grammar v Ballarat Clarendon match. Results were as follows:

S McDonald def W Cole 4/2

S Clarke def D Shaw 4/1

T Taylor/W Cole def S McDonald/S Clake 5/2

Result: BCC 3 def BGS 2 2/1

Ballarat Clarendon v Ballarat Grammar

Ballarat Clarendon v Ballarat Grammar

After 2 rounds, ladder positions are close:

1. Ballarat Clarendon 1

2. Ballarat Grammar 1

3. Ballarat Clarendon 1

4. Ballarat Grammar 2

5. Ballarat Clarendon 2

6. Ballarat Clarendon 4 (yet to play)

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