Inter-School Pennant Champions James O'Grady & Tom Parker

Inter-School Pennant Champions James O'Grady & Tom Parker

Winners are grinners!

Winners are grinners!

BTC’s Inter-School Pennant for 2009 drew to a close last week, with Ballarat & Clarendon College team 1 taking on Ballarat Grammar School team 2 in a great final series. There had been some great matches over the course of the season – with many teams involving “old hands” and “newbies” to the game. Ballarat & Clarendon was represented by two teams – while Ballarat Grammar had three. The ladder at the end of the round robin series saw only a small amount seperating each of the teams:


1. Ballarat Grammar 1

2. Ballarat & Clarendon 2

3. Ballarat & Clarendon 1

4. Ballarat Grammar 3

5. Ballarat Grammar 2

The final itself was a tense affair with each of the players keen to do their best for their respective teams. It was James O’Grady & Tom Parker from Ballarat & Clarendon that came through in the end though to take out the title. Well done to all those that participated and congratulations this year to James and Tom on a great effort!!

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