Last year Consumer Affairs sprung Brett McFarlane organising shonky tournaments on spare weekends and calling them BTC sanctioned events. Our recalcitrant club professional laughed at suggestions that it was a scam saying everyone now knew BTC meant Brett’s Trumped-up Competition™ … it was just harmless entertainment like the Australian Grand Prix or the NSW State Elections. He explained that while his sham event didn’t give as much joy as the NSW State Elections … you didn’t have to wait three years till the next one. Few of us could disagree.

Section A: Will Hoskin 4/32 wins from Stuart Strange 2/24 and Paul Williams 0/12
Good to see our popular ex-president Paul Williams coming up from Melbourne to compete. Will and Stuart enjoyed his company and especially enjoyed their comfortable wins over him. As you would expect Paul was relaxed about his play, philosophically commenting that city life had made him soft and flabby. Good win to Will, Stuart has been playing really well.

Section B: Jon Dugdale 3/30 wins from Will Cole 3/28, Alison Dugdale 3/27, Tom Parker 1/21 and Greg Reid 0/20
Oh no … whatever possessed Brett to organise a Saturday morning group of 5 members playing matches of first to 8 games. Crikey that’s 10 matches of potentially 15 games each lasting say 2 minutes each … at least six hours on court. Winner Jon Dugdale didn’t have to explain to third placed partner Alison why he wasn’t home mowing the lawn that afternoon … the rest were not so lucky.

Section C: Ben Winter 3/24 wins from John Link 2/20, Stephanie Williams 1/17 and Paul Sproules 0/11
Now that’s interesting, this was an all Melbourne group … though of course Ben is working up here at the moment. Obviously they haven’t heard about Brett’s shonkiness down in Melbourne yet. Nice to see Stephanie back and she’s still playing well but Ben is winning everything at the moment.

Congratulations Will, Jon and Ben. You couldn’t drive in the Grand Prix or vote in the NSW State Election but you could win in the BTC Handicap Singles.

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