Aristotle  ... Brett's role model

Aristotle ... Brett's role model

“Nature abhors a vacuum” is an aphorism attributed to Aristotle, an ancient Greek know-it-all. He had an opinion on everything … the Wikipedia of his time. He definitely wasn’t great at astrophysics since we now know the universe is almost all a vacuum except for the bits where there are stars, planets and gravity. But as a metaphor for what happens in it, Aristotle had it right. If there’s a vacuum in the role of foreign minister … Bob Carr pops up. If there’s a vacuum in my glass … red wine fills it. If there is a vacuum of free roof space … shonky insulation installers fill it. You get the idea.

So that brings me to our tennis court being vacant on the weekend … a vacuum indeed. As dodgy as a pink batt installer and smarter than Aristotle, Brett installs an instant BTC tournament to fill the vacuum. Unfortunately he can organise only one group but it is a quality one and it was good tennis. Congratulations to the in-form Ben Winter on a good win from Matt Dunn in the end.

Ben Winter 3/24 wins from Matthew Dunn 2/21, Rod Unmack 1/15, John Zulic 0/15

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