The BTC Handicap Singles was held at the Club on May 29-31 with three solid groups taking to the court and doing battle.

BTC Handicap Singles 2

Friday night’s round robin group was monumental with most games going to advantage all and most matches going right to the wire. The group finished up well after midnight with five very tired players. Ben Faull came out on top in a well earned victory.

Group A
Ben Hoskin def Ian Chambers 6/4
Laura leMarshall def Ben Faull 6/4
Rob Lagerberg def Ian Chambers 6/5
Ben Faull def Ben Hoskin 6/4
Laura LeMarshall def Rob Lagerberg 6/5
Ben Faull def Ian Chambers 6/5
Ben Hoskin def Laura LeMarshall 6/4
Ben Faull def Rob Lagerberg 6/4
Ian Chambers def Laura LeMarshall 6/1
Rob Lagerberg def Ben Hoskin 6/1

Group A Winner Ben Faull

The Saturday afternoon round robin group saw more close matches – but it was Tim Lamont who continued his great recent form winning all three of his matches in fine style. Charles Edwads, Tonya Roberts-Spencer and Alex Strange battled it out for the minor places…

Group B
Tim Lamont def Charles Edwards 8/2
Tonya Roberts-Spencer def Alex Strange 8/5
Tim Lamont def Tonya Roberts-Spencer 8/1
Alex Strange def Charles Edwards 8/7
Tim Lamont def Alex Strange 8/2
Tonya Roberts-Spencer def Charles Edwards 8/7

Group B Winner Tim Lamont

Our A Graders battled it out in the Sunday morning round robin group – with Dean Cinque, Jo Edwards, Rod Unmack and Malcolm Rodgers all having a red hot go at taking home first prize. It all came down to the last match of the morning with Malcolm Rodgers proving too steady over second placed Rod Unmack.


Group C
Rod Unmack def Dean Cinque 8/5
Malcolm Rodgers def Jo Edwards 8/5
Malcolm Rodgers def Dean Cinque 8/6
Rod Unmack def Jo Edwards 8/6
Jo Edwards def dean Cinque 8/7
Malcolm Rodgers def Rod Unmack 8/4

Group C Winner Malcolm Rodgers

Dean Cinque & Malcolm Rodgers

Well done to everyone that participated and congrats to each of our group winners……

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