Just like Federal Cabinet and The People’s Republic of China we unfortunately have many less women than men in the club. (Mind you the ones we have are very impressive just like in Cabinet). Anyway as a result of this, when the mixed doubles is scheduled, the women have their choice of all the available men. Of course I’ve never even made the long list much less the short one so I don’t really know how it works. In the bird world there is strutting and puffing by the males prior to selection; in the hoofed world they head butt before the strongest is selected; in nightclubs money and good looks feature in the criteria. After long auditions the ladies of the club make their choices and the tournament is held.

Rob Jolly & Jo Edwards 4/29 won from Will Hoskin & Michele Hoskin 4/28, David Hay & Cora Trevarthen 3/24, Malcolm Rodgers & Stephanie Williams 2/22, Ben Faull & Wendy Whitehead 2/19, Rod Unmack & Rachel McKay 0/14

Whatever the selection method Jo used , be it Rob’s impressive strutting and puffing or his renown head butting, she made the right selection. They triumph in the jungle that is the Mixed Doubles Championship. Well done guys …. a triumph for natural selection. I’ll be practising my strut with high hopes for a chance next year.

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