Well BTC’s Doubles Pennant finally drew to a close recently after several months of hard fought matches. The dynamic doubles duo of Dean Cinque and Frank Nolan dominated the season proper all year – with Club bandit, Frank Nolan improving much more quickly than the Club pro could anticipate.

Doubles Pennant 2012 2

However come semi finals time, it was Stuart Strange and Robert Lagerberg who managed to lift another notch, causing the biggest upset of the season and knocking the favourites out of the running.

Doubles Pennant 2012 1

The Grand Final, featuring Stuart Strange/Robert Lagerberg v Steve Wright/Rod Unmack was always going to be a close affair and this proved to be the case – but in the end it was Steve and Rod that managed to get through, winning10/9. Well done fellas…a great win.

It should be noted that the winning team – self proclaimed “Team Wreckingball” included team member Alastair Reed, who unfortunately due to his decadent lifestyle could not make the final.

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