BTC is soon to commence the first round of its Club Championships for 2011 – with these events to run from February 1, 2011 – June 20, 2011.  Matches will be organised around each individual’s schedule – but members wishing to play in these events must make every effort to make themselves available for each of their respective matches – particularly those playing in multiple events.

All matches will be the best of three sets (except Men’s Doubles matches –  which shall be best of five sets) with three set matches to start at three games all in the final set (time permitting) until semi-final stage – when three full sets will apply. Members playing three full set matches will be charged for two hours court time. A $10.00 entry fee will be charged for each event to aid in trophy costs.

During the first half of 2011, BTC will be running Graded Handicap Singles Club Championships and non-handicap Doubles Club Championships.

BTC Club Championships for the first half of 2011 will culminate on the weekend of June 17-20, where the finals of all Club Championship matches shall be played. Members wishing to enter these events MUST ensure they are available for play on this weekend.

Finals times for each event are as follows and are not negotiable:

Friday June 17:

6.00pm Junior Handicap Singles Club Championship

7.30 pm Mixed Doubles Club Championship

Saturday June 18:

10:00 am D Grade Handicap Singles Club Championship

11.30 am E Grade Handicap Singles Club Championship

1.00 pm Masters Handicap Singles Club Championship

2.30 pm Ladies A Handicap Singles Club Championship

Sunday June 19:

10.00 am Ladies B Grade Handicap Singles Club Championship

11.30 am A Grade Handicap Singles Club Championship

1.00 pm B Grade Handicap Singles Club Championship

2.30 pm C Grade Handicap Singles Club Championship

Monday June 20:

6.00 pm Ladies Doubles Club Championship

7.30 pm Men’s Doubles Club Championship

*Members are encouraged to note these finals times and to place them in their diaries at their earliest possible convenience

All current BTC members will automatically be entered into their respective events unless otherwise notified. If members do not wish to enter these events, and in order to prevent walkovers, members are urged to contact BTC before Friday February 4th and inform of their intention to abstain from these events.

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