The dictionary defines a bisque as an advantage allowed to an inferior player in certain games such as a free point in tennis, an extra turn in croquet or an additional stroke in golf. It’s a get out of gaol card that lets you adjust inadequate handicapping during the game. It’s a great concept and one I know Tony Abbot strongly supports. He proposes that every time his poll ratings go down 3 points he gets a bisque of 1 extra vote in the senate. Eventually with enough bisques this will allow him to pass unpopular policies that will make his ratings go down even more. The catch 22 is that he has to get his bisque legislation through the senate in the first place.


Group A: Annie Strange 3/24 won from Dean Cinque 2/21 Steve McArdle 1/17 Tom Howard 0/13
Group B: Malcolm Rodgers 2.21 won from Michelle Hoskin 2/20 Tonya Spencer 2/18
Group C: Rob Jolly 3/24 won from Stuart Strange 1/18 Greg Henderson 1/13 Bruce Christie 0/9
Group D Pat Hamilton 3/24 won from Cora Trevarthen 1/21 Elizabeth Williams 1/18 Mick Fenelon 1/16


It takes a rare type of devious mind to strategically acquire bisques and ruthlessly apply them. Such minds are usually occupied with elaborate tax avoidance, fixing horse races or organising gangs of pick-pockets. We are fortunate to have members of this calibre in Annie, Malcolm, Rob and Pat who can add winning bisque tournaments to these other activities. Congratulations … Tony Abbot says he would welcome you in his cabinet.

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