I just love bisques … basically a series of Get-Out-Of-Jail Cards for losers. Last year there were rumours that the Richmond Football Club was lobbying the AFL to bring them in. This year the rumour is that Richmond missed all pre-season training because the whole team was installing roofing insulation … and amazingly still couldn’t breach the salary cap. On the other hand the Melbourne Storm possibly insulated every roof on the eastern seaboard. But back to bisques … the big problem is the games go on forever … the Get-Out-Of-Jail Cards keep coming out … losers become winners and then back to losers potentially to infinity. Can you see the paradox … and so it was last weekend.

SECTION A James O’Grady 31 games wins from Tom Parker 27 Elle Hoskin 16
SECTION B Annie Strange 15 games wins from Will Hoskin 10 Valerie O’Donnell 10
SECTION C Rod Unmack 24 games wins from Matthew Dunn 22 Bruce Christie 20 Peter Dunn 16
SECTION D Kale Marnica 30 games wins from David Bruce 29 Rob Jolly 25

In the youthful first section James O’Grady showed relish for a good tasty bisque by winning all but one game. In Section B Greg Rowe pulled out injured after two sets throwing the event into confusion; after much crossing out and recalculation Annie wins. UK visitor and welcome participant Valerie O’Donnell marvels at it all and feels more confident about retaining the Ashes. In Section C Rod Unmack is undefeated while Peter Dunn is just the opposite; Peter says if he never sees a bisque for the rest of his life that’s fine with him. Good to see Kale Marnica back and winning Section D. I for one envy Rob Jolly who had a very rare bisque-orgasm by springing bisque at 7 all, deuce, advantage all, match point against David Bruce. Whatever the opposite of a bisque-orgasm is … that’s what David had.

Tim Graham tells me a winner of this tournament is known as a Bisque Meister … so welcome James, Annie, Rod and Kale to bisquemeistership.

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