My wife won’t let me play in the A Grade Pennant  … she says the big boys are too aggressive and I might get hurt. Brett won’t me play either … he says my handicap is too high and I have too little talent. So in my absence the season finished as follows.

1 Ben Winter 20 pts               6 Stuart Strange 13 pts

2 Rod Unmack 19 pts             7 John Zulic 12 pts

3 Peter Dunn 19 pts               8 Greg Henderson 11 pts

4 Ian Chambers 17 pts           9 John Faull 10 pts

5 John Dugdale 16 pts           10 Bruce Christie 9 pts

Peter Dunn and Ben Winter win their semi finals and so onto a dramatic final. My wife was right the big boys are too aggressive and even Stu Strange who was refereeing found that it was difficult. They argued about the rules and then they argued about the score but in the end there was no argument about the winner. Ben rattles up a 6-1 lead but folds under Peter’s pressure to finally lose 9-10. I’m sure he’s disappointed but as a B Grader I can only dream of losing 10-9. Congratulations to Peter Dunn our aggressive new A Grade Champion.

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