I almost didn’t enter this when I saw it was the men’s handicap doubles … surely Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey would be unbackable in the event. But then I thought they may be very handicapped but surely I’m a lot worse … what with the shaking, the drinking, the ineptitude etc. So I gave it a shot even though there was some serious competition out there. I mean there’s Chamber’s elbow, T. Cree’s racquet and shoes, Stu’s bar tab, Jolly’s joints, Fenelon’s balance to name but a few.


Group A Mick Fenelon/Ian Chambers 2/23 won from Will Hoskin/Rob Jolly 2/22, Frank Nolan/Dean Cinque 2/18, Doug Grant/Rod Unmack 0/12

Group B Tony & Charlie Cree 2/18 won from Ian Dowman/Ben Hoskin 1/16, Bruce Christie/Mike Whitehead 0/12

Group C Robert Lagerberg/Stuart Strange 4/32 won from David Hay/Nathan Baker 1/20, Malcolm Rodgers/Richie Robinson 0/11

Finals Robert Lagerberg/Stuart Strange 2/16 won from Mick Fenelon/Ian Chambers 1/13, Tony & Charlie Cree 0/9


No surprises with the finalists … I’ve never seen a more handicapped bunch. But class won out and it was Stuart Strange and regular partner Robert Lagerberg who took home the trophy. Well done guys there will be vacancies in parliament shortly and you are front runners for pre-selection.

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