After hundreds of games involving thousands of phone calls from Brett the championships for the first half of the year are finished. The finals of the men’s doubles and the mixed doubles were played on the night followed by a feast prepared by Stuart and the social committee. This was followed by the presentations to winners and runner-uppers. Congratulations to all with a special mention to dual winners Wendy, Jo and Daniel.

David Parker

Mens Doubles: Daniel & Michael Williams def David Parker/Wayne Spring 6/0 6/0 6/0

Mixed Doubles: Daniel Williams/Wendy Whitehead def Mark Hartnell/Jenni Murphy 4/6 6/3 6/0

Ladies Doubles: Jo Edwards/Jenni Murphy def Wendy Whitehead/Stephanie Williams 6/4 6/5

A Grade  HCap: Rob Jolly def David Parker 6/1 6/0

B Grade HCap: Jo Edwards def John Faull 6/1 6/5

C Grade HCap: Wendy Whitehead def Mike Whitehead 6/4 6/3

D Grade HCap: Charlie Cree def Ben Faull 6/3 6/5

E Grade HCap: Ben Jolly def Alex Strange 2/6 6/1 6/5

Masters HCap  Steve McArdle def Frank Nolan 6/5 6/1

Junior Hcap: C Pham def T Baker 6/4 6/1

Ladies A Grade HCap: Wendy Whitehead def Jo Edwards 4/6 6/5 6/3

Ladies B Grde HCap Annie Strange def Michele Hoskin 6/4 6/1

Sheree McFarlane & Jo EdwardsDavid Parker, Wayne Spring, Michael Williams & Daniel WilliamsJenny Murphy, Mark Hartnell, Daniel Williams & Wendy Whitehead

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