Below is a table of BTC’s updated membership and court prices for the 2009/10 financial year. BTC members will note that these charges have not been increased since 2004/05 – but due to increasing costs incurred by BTC over the past 4 years, BTC has now decided it must increase these charges by approximately 5%. Please note that these increases only pertain to singles, doubles and membership. The costs of all pennants and tournaments will remain the same.

The 2009/10 financial year will see BTC strive to keep this years price increase from occuring again in the near future. The success of this will depend largely on increasing our membership base through the course of the next 12 months. In order to achieve this, BTC will be asking each of you to contribute to a ‘Member Get Member’ drive. This will give our entire membership the opportunity to keep Real Tennis in Ballarat as affordable as it can be. Please remember that by increasing our membership base – we not only keep costs to our members to a minimum – but also improve the social and tennis ‘fabric’ of our Club. Please give some thought to asking a friend, family member or business associate down to the Club for a free trial go. Feel free to contact Brett or use the link below if you already have someone in mind that may be interested in our game.

Please contact me about a potential new member

BTC Tennis Price List 2009/10

Singles                                                               $17.35

Singles (Junior)                                              $11.00

Doubles                                                              $11.00

Doubles (Junior)                                            $11.00

Doubles Pennant                                             $11.00

A Grade Pennant                                             $22.50

Individual Pennant                                        $17.35

Sponsored Tournaments                              $33.00

Sponsored Tournaments (Junior)           $11.00

BTC Membership Prices 2009/10

Full Membership                                               $294.00                   $24.50 monthly

Associate Membership                                   $166.95                     $13.91 monthly

Country Membership                                      $166.95                      $13.91 monthly

Affiliate Membership                                       $166.95                      $13.91 monthly

Junior Membership                                         $51.45                          $4.28 monthly

Student Membership                                       $51.45                          $4.28 monthly

Overseas Membership                                    $52.50

Social Membership                                            $51.45                        $4.28  monthly

Please contact the Club should you have any queries regarding these changes.

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