No cigar for ‘The Rats’ in Hobart

The ‘Rats’ Theme song:

Oh, we’re from Ballarat,
We’re tennis legends, we’re from Ballarat,
On any court you will see us with a grin,
Aiming for head and shin,
If we’re behind then never mind,
We’ll force and force and win.

Oh we’re from Ballarat,
We’ll never weaken ’til the final ball is hit..
Like the miners of old,
We’re aiming for gold.
Oh we’re from Tiger, Old Ballarat
For we’re from Ballarat

Bartlett Cup Report – by roving corrspondent Rob Jolly

strategy meetingDespite clearly winning the after-match festivities on Saturday night, the Ballarat five returned north without the Bartlett Cup (played annually between Hobart and Ballarat off handicap in Hobart).

Hobart TennisThe damage was done on Saturday morning and into the afternoon when the team of Robert Lagerberg, Jon and Alison Dugdale, Bill Hutcheson and Rob Jolly failed to trouble the scorers – although Jolly did see off his singles opponent Nic Rooke, whose mid rally tumble saw the Hobart leader taken to hospital and subject to surgery on a severely mangled little finger on the right hand.  Desperate times call for desperate measures so we took that match to leave the result (1-8) but beyond ‘Rat’ grasp by the close of play on Saturday.

Hobart DinnerRobert L took to the clutches of his touring family while the rest of the team and chief cheerleader, Cath Collins, repaired to the Quarry Hostelry and some fine wine.  A new beginning was forged in a back bar and so we joined our hosts led by David Askey-Doran and Eryl Raymond for much more serious red, Hobart Dinner 2accompanied by some excellent Spanish tucker.

It was just the tonic.

Come early Sunday morning, first Alison triumphed 9/7 then hubby John overcame Eryl R.  The photos say it all.  Rob and Bill scuttled Hobart’s best pairing for the weekend (having seen off poor Rooke the previous day) and Bill continued his success in the singles.

Despite the gallant fightback which continued into the afternoon, the cup was left behind for another year.

Hobart CourtWe obviously need to start serious training on the red on Friday evening. Or more to the point, have our hosts join in on consumption of the crimson infuriator.  David A-D and his team were excellent hosts and we thank them and professional, Barry Toates who marked each match and administered so well.  Good time had by all, but alack and alas, no cigar.

Final Results:

Saturday July 11th

Ballarat                                     V                               Hobart Result

R Lagerberg                                V                              G Flower                                    1/9

B Hutcheson                               V                              S Quinn                                       4/9

Jolly/Lagerberg                        V                             Rooke/Flower                          7/9

A Dugdale                                     V                            B Maxwell                                   7/9

J Dugdale/B Hutcheson          V                            E Raymond/P Dunne             7/9

R Jolly                                            V                            N Rooke                                       1/1

R Lagerberg/A Dugdale          V                            H Drielsma/C McComb         4/9

J Dugdale                                      V                           M Hagan                                        6/9

B Hutcheson/A Dugdale         V                           D A-Doran/M Lleonhart         0/9

J Dugdale/R Jolly                      V                           P Dunne/H Drielsma                4/9

Sunday July 12th

A Dugdale                                      V                           R Pitt                                               9/7

R Lagerberg                                  V                           S Quinn                                           4/9

J Dugdale                                       V                           E Raymond                                    9/7

R Jolly/B Hutcheson                V                           J Legg/P Dunne                            9/4

A Dugdale/R Lagerberg          V                            B Maxwell/D A-Doran              6/9

R Jolly                                             V                           G Blundstone                                5/9

B Hutcheson                                  V                          J Legg                                               9/4

J Dugdale/R Lagerberg             V                          M Hagan/P Dunne                       6/9

A Dugdale/B Hutcheson           V                          G Blundstone/B Maxwell          1/9

J Dugdale                                       V                            M Lleonhart                                   8/9

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