All we seem to be having is doubles tournaments lately. Jo Edwards and Rob Jolly having taken out the mixed doubles decide to test their new found success with an assault on the premier doubles event. It’s as if Vladimir Putin teamed up with Angela Merkel … ruthless megalomania with a strong work ethic. They were remorseless in their quest for doubles domination not losing a match before crowning themselves champions. Jo says they are demanding changes in gender definitions so they can compete as a pair in the men’s and women’s doubles as well. We worry an intimidated match committee will find it difficult to say no.

Group A: Malcolm Rogers/Steve McArdle 3/24 won from Peter Dunn/Will Hoskin 2/23, Stuart Strange/Robert Lagerberg 1/16, John McClure/Phil Roberts 0/9
Group B: David Hay/Nathan Baker defeated Dean Cinque/Ian Chambers 6/5, 4/6, 6/4
Group C: Rob Jolly/Jo Edwards 3/24 won from Cora Trevarthen/Rachel McKay 2/16, John Faull/Liam Stringer 1/18, Bruce Christie/Doug Grant 0/15
Finals: Rob Jolly/Jo Edwards 2/16 won from David Hay/Nathan Baker 1/12, Stuart Strange/Robert Lagerberg 0/12

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