Brett was looking particularly smug as he sat in the chaos of the pro shop. He’d managed to get 2008 and 2009 doubles played in 2010 and now the 2010 doubles played this weekend in February 2011. He’s now poised to achieve the seemingly impossible … the 2011 doubles played in 2011. Like his hero Dr Who he’d finally mastered time and space and knew there would be few challenges left in his remaining pro-years. Perhaps he should organise the 2014 Doubles for later in the year just for a bit of fun.

It was a tip top field as well. All five groups were filled … top guns like Spring & Parker, Hartnell & Dunn, Dowman & Fowler were playing. Promising newcomers like McArdle, Reid and Winter were participating and Henry Turnbull from RMTC was teaming up with John Faull. We were in for an epic weekend.

Group A: Greg Henderson/Will Hoskin 2/22 win from Mike Whitehead/Mick Fenelon 2/18, Jo Edwards/John Zulic 1/15, Stuart Strange/John McClure 1/13
Group B: Annie Strange/ Steve McArdle 3/29 win from Tom Parker/Jack Watson 3/27, Wendy Whitehead/Steve Wright 0/16
Group C: Jon Watson/Ben Winter 2/21 win from Wayne Spring/David Parker 2/21, Rod Unmack/Jenni Murphy 2/19, John Faull/Henry Turnbull 0/13
Group D: David Brumley/John Hurley 2/30 win from Tony Cree/Charlie Cree 2/30, Ian Dowman/Graeme Fowler 2/27
Group E: Bruce Christie/Rob Jolly 2/23 win from Bill Henderson/Greg Reid 2/20, Mark Hartnell/Peter Dunn 1/18, Jon Dugdale/Alison Dugdale 1/13
Finals: David Brumley/John Hurley 2/12 win from Greg Henderson/Will Hoskin 1/10, Annie Strange/ Steve McArdle 1/10, Bruce Christie/Rob Jolly 1/9, Wayne Spring/David Parker 0/4

Well, well, well … David Brumley and John Hurley win the 2010 Ballarat Open Handicap Doubles. This medical duo that practice by playing singles against each other every Monday … who’ve played almost no doubles at all … and who‘ve never entered a weekend tournament before to my knowledge … win the premier doubles event. This could revolutionise training regimes. In doing so they played 76 games over nearly 4 hours on the Sunday. I bet they were prescribing some serious pain killers for each other at the end of this. Congratulations to David and John and also close runner-uppers Greg Henderson and Will Hoskin.

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