It was one of the saddest moments in BTC history when Ian Chambers closed his Lamanz Menswear store in Sturt Street this year. The combination of Ian’s pseudo macho personality and his faux French store name has provided the Club with endless opportunities for all known forms of humour.

We loved his reaction when the feminists demanded that he rename his store LaGalz. We understood France’s pain and their plan for a hit on him after the abuse of their language … his plan to rename it Lemanz was never going to work. Remember when he announced he planned in future to play in every group after he actually won one in his own tournament. Will we ever see the like again?

Well probably yes. Ian’s still around … I saw his feral clapped out ute with the ominous cage welded onto the back last week. He has focussed his attention on his other venture, Ballarat Health Studios, and he’d like to see you there. Looks like a gym with a fancy name to me … I just wish he called it something French. Anyway Ian continues to sponsor Club events and good on him.

Group A: Ben Faull 2/15 won from David Moyle 1/11, Adam Phillips 1/7
Group B: Chengde Pham 3/24 won from Michele Hoskin 1/20, Tim Baker 1/19, Ben Winter 1/15
Group C: Bruce Christie 3/22 won from Rod Unmack 2/18, Mathew Dunn 1/13
Group D: Tim Lamont 4/24 won from Cora Trevanthan 2/16, Doug Grant 0/6

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