Brett seems to be relatively up to date with all these doubles matches these days … only a year behind which is neither here or there. We all remember the good old days when he was decades behind. Back then there were time paradoxes with members winning events years before they had joined the club and masters competing in the junior events. Maybe we should confiscate his calendar and return the fun to the place.

Group A: David Hay & Nathan Baker 3/24 won from Greg Henderson & Jo Edwards 1/20, Will Hoskin & Michelle Hoskin 1/18, Rod Unmack & Mick Fenelon 1/18
Group B: Peter Dunn & Ross Troon 4/24 won from Tim Lamont & Alex Strange 2/18, Phil Roberts & Tanya Roberts-Spencer 0/9
Group C: Doug Grant & Ian Chambers 2/20 won from John Zulic & Dean Cinque 2/20, Steve McArdle & John Link 2/19
Group D: Stuart Strange & Matthew Dunn 3/24 won from Richie Robinson & Andrew Hall 2/17, Bruce Christie & Malcolm Rodgers 1/22, Jim Stephen & Stephanie Williams 0/19
Semis: David Hay & Nathan Baker defeated Peter Dunn & Ross Troon 8-5, Stuart Strange & Matthew Dunn defeated Doug Grant & Ian Chambers 8-7
Finals: David Hay & Nathan Baker defeated Stuart Strange & Matthew Dunn 8-6

It was a huge field with four groups which is very impressive for doubles. It was great to see three Melbourne based players viz Matthew, Doug and Ross make the effort to come up and be rewarded with semis berths. In the end David Hay and Nathan Baker are the worthy winners in a close final with Stuart and Matthew. Congratulations.

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