BTLamont Entertainment is the baby of Beth Lamont who is the partner of hard-working committee member and all-round good guy Tim Lamont. There is so much to like about her enterprise whose first major initiative is a regular comedy night at the George called as you would expect Balla Rat Cat Comedy. There have been ads around the Club for the various nights but she has a beaut website for the forthcoming comedy events or you can contact her on if you need a magician, a venue or some other weird entertainment enterprise. Looks like a worthy enterprise to me.

Now Balla Rat Cat Comedy sponsored this nice little round robin which of course had to have a few comic twists. For a start it had bisques … the idiosyncratic ongoing handicap system beloved by croquet and royal tennis players. Then it had a quiz before you could be granted a bisque. I’m not sure there are many BTC members, or indeed Noble Prize winners, who understand how the bisque system works much less what percentage of oxygen is in the air that Justin Bieber breathes. Of course Will and David bid … so congratulations on your wins.

Will Hoskin 2/22 defeated Malcolm Rogers 2/22, Stuart Strange 2/18, Mark Hartnell 0/8
David Moyle 4/32 defeated Adam Phillips 2/30, Michele Hoskin 0/12

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