BTC Junior Daniel Williams is currently touring with the Australian Junior team in an expedition to take on the best from the UK and US. The first round of matches have just begun. Below is a report of their activities so far.
The doubles matches started at 10 am at Lords. The Australian team is as follows:

1. Hilton Booth (15.0)
2. Patrick Dunne (17.8)
3. Daniel Williams (18.6)
4. Simon Carr (20.5)

The Great Britain is as follows:
1. Jamie Douglas (+1.5)
2.Robert Hird (8.6)
3.Conor Medlow (7.7)
4.Mark Mathias (12.1)

On paper the boys were up against it with Jamie Douglas being the British Amateur Singles Champion and MCC Gold Racket holder. The presence of World Champion Rob Fahey in the green and gold corner was a welcome sight predominately English dedans.

The doubles consists of four matches with.
1 & 2
3 & 4
1 & 3
2 & 4

The first match was the 3 & 4 with Dan and Simon lining up against Conor Medlow and Mark Mathias. The match was a fairly one-sided affair with power hitting and crisp volleying from the Brits proving too much and they run away with the match.

6/1 6/1
1/0 Great Britain

The second match pitted Hilton and Pat vs. Jamie Douglas and Robert Hird. Echoing the tennis of the first match the British played impressively to take control of the game.

6/1 6/2

2/0 Great Britain

Following lunch the 1,3 and 2,4 doubles began with the 2,4 doubles pitting Simon Carr and Patrick Dunne against Robert Hird and Mark Mathias. A close fought affair featuring good retrieving and tight serving with long restes. The Aussie team managed to take the first set in the eleventh game after leading the set 5/1 at one stage. The British team then rallied and wrestled the initiative away from the Australian pair and won the 2nd set. The third set was tighter then the score line indicated but the Brits won all the big points on the way to a 3/0 lead.

5/6 6/0 6/3

3/0 Great Britain

The finals doubles match was the 1 & 3 with Douglas and Medlow lining up against Booth and Williams. A tense first set was delicately poised at four all before the class of the British pair proved telling as they won 8 of the last 9 games to take the match and the day.

6/4 6/1

4/0 Great Britain

A good showing in the second half of the day wasn’t enough to gain a rubber and the boys head into the day of singles with a mountain of work to force a 4/4 tie and a deciding doubles.

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