Normally this is a bit of a problematic event. Brett rounds up every junior he can around town and we might get the odd Melbourne competitor but it has traditionally been a Ballarat event. This year it was very different. The Clothier Cup, the premier US versus Australia Junior event, was being played in Melbourne in the following week and all the players on both sides turned up for a warm up. What a treat for the event and the Club … the cream of Australian and US junior players.

However when I heard that most of the US visitors were being billeted for the week by Ian Chambers I became alarmed for their welfare. Of course I immediately googled “Greatest Gross-out Frat House Movies of all Time” as a reference source for what might be likely to happen. No surprises from Google … Animal House won easily … with a special mention to Porky’s, The Hangover and Road Trip. As a guide Animal House was pretty prescient … and King of the Animals Ian led his visitors through a hazy week of parmas, VB, pizzas, Carlton Draft, BBQs and nightclubs … waking them each afternoon to compete in what turned out to be a very good competition.

Australian Amateur Junior Singles 2011
First Round:
Tom Pickin (USA) defeated Will Hoskin (BTC) 6/0 3/6 6/2 6/4
Dylan Ward (USA) defeated Edward Welch (RMTC) 6/2 6/4 6/3
Garret Gates (USA) defeated Hamish Welsh (RMTC) 6/2 5/0 6/5
Quarter Finals
Pat Winthrop (USA) defeated Tom Pickin (USA) 6/2 6/0 6/2
Simon Carr (RMTC) defeated James Gould (RMTC) 6/2 6/5 5/6 5/6 6/3
Daniel Williams (BTC) defeated Dylan Walsh (USA) 6/0 6/1 6/0
Hilton Booth (HRTC) defeated Garret Gates (USA) 6/0 6/3 6/4
Semi Finals
Pat Winthrop (USA) defeated Simon Carr (RMTC) 6/0 6/0 6/3
Hilton Booth (HRTC) defeated Daniel Williams (BTC) 4/6 6/2 6/2 4/6 6/4
Hilton Booth (HRTC) defeated Pat Winthrop (USA) 6/5 2/6 3/6 6/3 6/1

Australian Junior Handicap Singles 2011
Group A Garrett Gates 3/24 won from Dylan Ward 2/23, Tom Pickin 1/17, Simon Carr 0/6
Group B Hamish Welsh 2/16 won from Will Hoskin 2/15, James Gould 2/13, Edward Welsh 0/8

Congratulations to Hilton Booth on being the Australian Amateur Junior Champion and also to Garrett and Hamish for winning the follow up handicap competition. Thanks to Ian and Brett for handling the billeting and making it such a fun event. Thanks also to Animal House for the following invitation to the frat house … “It’s not going to be an orgy, it’s a Roman toga party” … “You’re going to wrap yourself in a bed sheet and pour grain alcohol all over your head. It’s cute, but I think I’ll pass this time.”

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