It’s been a long cold season and at the end of it John Zulic is the leading point scorer. Now John is one of the most consistent players in the club; however in a shock semi-final he goes down to none other than fourth placed Ian Chambers. I share his anguish … crikey Ian Chambers. In the other semi Jon Dugdale wins from Greg Henderson … a very credible result for Jon. The Chambers Dugdale final is a close affair and again Ian surprises everybody with a 9-8 win. What’s going on? Last time I talked to Ian he was so pathetic he could barely put up another Sale sign in his shop. There was something about a bulging disc in his spine and he was scouring the internet and talking to his vet about cures. Has he joined the Lance Armstrong School of Sporting Excellence? Maybe, or maybe his handicap has doubled what with the bulging disc and all. Whatever the reason, well done Ian, there’s hope for me to win a pennant yet.

A Pennant 2012

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