2022 Eureka & Larwood Cups highlights

These are the premier annual male and female (respectively) inter-club events contested between the Ballarat and Royal Melbourne Tennis Clubs – that put city vs country pride on the line! This year, taking advantage of RMTC’s dual court setup and with some very good organising, both tournaments were run in parallel on Sunday the 17th of July 2022.

An enthusiastic Ballarat contingent travelled to Richmond for the event and matches were played with great spirit. A real positive for BTC this year was the women’s team for the Larwood Cup included many new players that have got into real tennis this year as part of the women’s tennis initiative led by Cath Faull and Cora Trevarthan.

The Eureka Cup result came down to the final of the 10 sets – but Greg Reid and Pat Sunter missed a chance to tie the day at 5 sets all in a narrow 8-6 loss, so RMTC carried the day. Likewise, RMTC’s home court experience and good form on the day meant they prevailed in the Larwood Cup as well.

We’d like to pass on a warm thank you to the RMTC Pros and members who hosted us with grace and panache – with special thanks to Jo See Tan who was head chef for the luncheon, in addition to leading the RMTC Larwood team. Fostering an atmosphere of friendly competition is, after all, what these events aim to achieve.

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