2019 Season 1 Pennant: Final Result

Tuesday night saw Tim Elliott and Andrew Rowan battling it out for the first A-Grade Singles title of the year. In an exciting game of 3-sets Tim came out victorious 6/0 2/6 6/3. Well done to both players and thank you to the spectators!

Thursday night, Tim Lamont and Michael Duffin fought a really tight tussle for the B-Grade Single title!

The close handicaps (and abilities of course!) allowed for a very balanced match, with Tim eventually getting the win by cleverly serving and returning well at crucial points during the match. Final result 6/5 6/5! Please join me in congratulating both players and thanks to those who came to watch.
Andrew and Rod were off to a promising start winning the first set 6/2 but Bruce and Julian soon equalised with 6/3 on the 2nd set. In the end Bruce and Julian put all the stops to get the win 2/6, 6/3, 6/3. Thank you to the players for a great match, much enjoyed by the marker (your Pro!) and those who came down to BTC to watch. I’ll also take this opportunity to thank all Season 1 participants for providing such an enthusiastic and hard-fought competition.
B Grade Doubles – FINAL Monday 27th May 7 pm Tim Lamont and Dean Stevens


Terry McDonough and Rohan Bryan

Tim Lamont and Dean Stevens

(6/4, 6/2)

A Grade Singles – FINAL Tuesday 28th May 7 pm Andrew Rowan vs Tim Elliott  Tim Elliott

(6/0, 2/6, 6/3)

B Grade Singles – FINAL Thursday 30th May 7 pm Tim Lamont vs Michael Duffin  Tim Lamont

(6/5, 6/5)

A Grade Doubles – FINAL Friday 31st May 7 pm Bruce Christie and Julian Sunter


Andrew Rowan and Rod Unmack

Bruce Christie and Julian Sunter

(2/6, 6/3, 6/3)


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