What the … didn’t we play the 2012 handicap doubles in February 2013 and now we are re-playing it in May? Not only are we playing last year’s tournament again this year but we are playing it twice. Hell even by Brett’s standards playing it three times is decidedly dodgy. Turns out we didn’t play the 2012 last year … that was of course the 2011 one. Also turns out it is the open handicap doubles as distinct from the men’s handicap doubles. This means women can play in this one … except none did. Still sounds like a scam to me.
Wait a second … moving stuff from one year to the next, confusing us with name changes, wanting more money from us, dodginess … sounds like the Australian Treasurer at budget time. They say there will be a vacancy in September. Could the solution to the country’s deficit and the need for an infinite amount of government spending money be solved by the appointment of a true expert to the job? The Right Honourable Brett McFarlane, Australian Treasurer, sure has a ring to it … you know it makes sense.

Section A: Michael Bardsley/John Zulic 4/24 won from John Link/Tim Lamont 1/18, Peter Dunn/Rob Jolly 1/16
Section B: Malcolm Rodgers/Ian Chambers 3/23 won from Tony Cree/Charlie Cree 3/20, Jo Edwards/Brett McFarlane 0/9
Section C: Dean Cinque/Frank Nolan 3/24 won from Steve McArdle/Rod Unmack 2/24, Ben Faull/Nathan Baker 1/17
Section D: Ben Winter/Chengde Pham 2/22 won from Bruce Christie/Mick Fenelon 2/17, Stuart Strange/Robert Lagerberg 2/15

Semi Finals: Michael Bardsley/John Zulic defeated Malcolm Rodgers/Ian Chambers 8-4, Ben Winter/Chengde Pham defeated Dean Cinque/Frank Nolan 8-5
Finals: Ben Winter/Chengde Pham defeated Michael Bardsley/John Zulic 8-4

Good support for the tournament and strong winners in all four sections. The semis see Michael and John then Ben and Chengde win through. In the finals the two medical students take it out in style. I imagine this is Chengde’s first major title so especially well done. Enjoy your medical studies gentlemen before our new treasurer doubles your fees.

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