At the end of the 10 match summer season the ladder stood at:

1 Annie Strange & Alison Dugdale 31pts

2 Terry McDonough & Rohan Bryan 30 pts

3 Robert Lagerberg & Stuart Strange 30 pts

4 Peter Dunn & John Faull 28 pts

5 John McClure & Phil Roberts 23 pts

6 Steve Wright & Mick Fenelon 22 pts

7 Mike Whitehead & Dean Cinque 21 pts

8 Bruce Christie & Greg Henderson 21 pts

9 Alastair (“The Panther”) Reed & John Dugdale 17 pts

10 Jim Stephen & Jeremy Johnson 16 pts

11 Graeme Fowler & Andrew Pipkorn 13 pts

I was bemused that only one competitor had a street name … though not that one competitor was Alastair Reed. Now “The Panther” may be ludicrously inappropriate in his case …and in fact is probably just a misprint of “The Panter” … but that’s not the point. Street names add much needed colour to the Doubles Pennant and the club encourages all future competitors to adopt one. Something inspirational or ironic would be welcome … anything to do with bodily functions less so.

Alison Dugdale, Robert Lagerberg,Stuart Strange & Annie Strange

Alison Dugdale, Robert Lagerberg,Stuart Strange & Annie Strange

Anyway as it turned out there was very little separating the top four as they went into the 1v4 and 2v3 semi finals. After a few dramas the finals were left to Annie and Alison to fight out with Stuart and Robert. Owe 15, Rec 30, one service, banned tambour is a fearsome handicap especially at the rate the two women are improving … but Stuart Strange and Robert Lagerberg are mean competitors and ended up winning it 14 to 9 over the 50 minutes of play. Congratulations guys and in fact all the finalists.

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