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The Hartnell Report – WB IV

by paul.williams on March 10, 2011

WIDMER BRADFIELD 2011 REPORT: ‘More Truth than the Facts Would Allow’, By Mark Hartnell BACK ROOM DEALINGS: We the good folk of Ballarat Tennis Club have hosted the best that the Hobart tennis club could send in an attempt to reclaim the Widmer-Bradfield trophy.  You may remember this is where the best Tennis players available […]

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World Doubles Championships

by paul.williams on February 1, 2011

BTC was represented in the World Doubles Championships played at RMTC from February 1 to February 6.  The overwhelming favourites are World numbers 1 and 2 Rob Fahey and Steve Virgona who took out the Australian Open Doubles the week prior and have w0n the previous four World Doubles Championships.  Club pro Brett McFarlane and […]

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Eureka Cup 2010

by paul.williams on October 9, 2010

Mark Hartnell here, reporting from the frontline at the 2010 Eureka Cup.  This is where two quite well matched ‘President’s Selections’ from Ballarat and Melbourne faced off in a handicap format.  Singles games of first to six mixed with doubles sets to eight meant the winners were likely to be the fast starters.  In case […]

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2010 Ballarat Open Handicap Singles

by paul.williams on September 1, 2010

In a startling break from recent tradition the final of Ballarat’s biggest event was not only held in the year designated but completed before September.  Tuesday 31 August saw the last two players, down from an original draw of sixty, play the final of this gruelling event. A small but enthusiastic group of spectators saw […]

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Australian Junior Championships (U/26)

by paul.williams on April 18, 2010

Ballarat Club Champion Daniel Williams has taken out the Australian Junior Championship final, winning in 3 sets from RMTC’s Simon Carr at RMTC on Sunday 18 April.  The win returns the title to Australia after the last three were won by overseas players.

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BTC 2008 Open Handicap Doubles Photos

by paul.williams on April 11, 2010

The interestingly late BTC 2008 Open Doubles was held on the second weekend of April 2010!  Here is some of the action from the Friday evening matches.  The event was won by Mick Fenelon and Stuart Strange, eventually beating Cathy Faull and Quinton Wilkinson in the final.

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Kinky Returns!

by paul.williams on February 21, 2010

Over the last few years, Ballarat has developed a friendly rivalry with Washington Tennis Club.  It seems to have started with a match between Tim Graham and one of the founder members of Washington, Haven Pell.  Those of you with long memories will remember a boxing kangaroo flag which flew above the dedans on the […]

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by paul.williams on December 20, 2009

2009 Club Championship matches Juniors A lot at stake here in this match between the two Williams boys.  Daniel, with the Club Championship match on his mind, might have been distracted enough for Michael to sneak a win.  Alas for Michael, no.  Two points in Daniel made his intentions clear with a straight force that […]

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Photos: Eureka and Larwood matches

by paul.williams on October 4, 2009

Ballarat members playing in the recent matches against RMTC.

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