Cancellation Policy


We would like to remind all Club members of our current cancellation policy concerning court bookings. All Ballarat Tennis Club members cancelling existing bookings must do so by no less than 24 hours prior to their scheduled booking time to avoid cancellation fees. Cancellations prior to this 24 hour cut-off will incur no charges.

Failure to cancel court bookings within this designated time-frame will result in the following:

1. Should the position be filled by another member, the existing court charge will be applied.

2. If another player cannot be found and the match needs to be cancelled OR should the Professional need to fill in, the full cost of the court will be applied.

Members should know that late cancellations are most problematic for our resources at the Club and to those members who have put the time aside to make their respective game(s).

Our committee encourages members who may like to apply for special dispensation for these charges to contact the committee to have their matter heard.

Kind regards,

Ballarat Tennis Club Management Committee.
5333 5755.

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