The club’s online booking sheet is available to members at:

You can sign-in using your RTO ID and password, or enter zero (0) for the RTO ID and leave the password blank to login as a guest.

If you need any help regarding online bookings, please contact the club professional.

BTC Membership Prices 2014/15

Full Membership                                             $365.00                   $30.42 monthly

Associate Membership                                   $225.00                    $18.75 monthly

Country Membership                                     $225.00                    $18.75 monthly

Affiliate Membership                                      $225.00                    $18.75 monthly

Junior Membership                                         $100.00                   $8.33 monthly

Student Membership                                       $100.00                   $8.33 monthly

Overseas Membership                                    $60.00                      Annually Only

Social Membership                                            $100.00                  $8.33  monthly

BTC Tennis Price List 2014/15

Singles                                                               $18.00

Singles (Junior)                                               $11.50

Doubles                                                             $11.50

Doubles (Junior)                                              $11.50

Doubles Pennant                                             $11.50

A Grade Individual Pennant                         $18.00

Thursday Individual Pennant                      $18.00

Sponsored Tournaments                              $35.00

Sponsored Tournaments (Junior)               $18.00

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