The Ballarat Tennis Club


Few country cities in Australia have such a strong tradition for sport as Ballarat. Apart from other achievements, it was the venue for many rowing, canoeing and other aquatic events during the 1956 Olympics with the utilisation of Lake Wendouree.

So it should not be surprising to find that Ballarat became the third venue in Australia for real tennis. Real tennis, thought to have originated in 12th century France, is an ancient sport and the predecessor of modern tennis.

Combining these qualities of both the city of Ballarat and the sport of real tennis, The Ballarat Tennis Club quite literally is, a sporting tradition.

The Ballarat Tennis Club offers many benefits to current and prospective members:

  • The unique features of real tennis.
  • A service oriented organisation that appeals to people with a busy lifestyle.
  • All facets of playing are conveniently organised by the club professional, including bookings, opponents, fill-ins when required, balls, accounts, towels, bar and snack services etc.
  • Flexible hours of operation, available all year round.
  • Options for play such as regular or casual social bookings, pennants, tournaments and inter-club events.
  • Suitable for people of all ages, abilities and levels of fitness.
  • Opportunities for business people to network.
  • Reciprocal rights with The Old Colonists Club, The Ballarat Club and The Ballarat Yacht Club.

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